Ph.D. in Criminal Justice

Ph.D. in Criminal Justice makes a more effective inside your agency and your area with Walden’s, one of the first online crook justice doctoral packages to be had to satisfy the wishes of running professionals. You can achieve a brand new degree of credibility and have an effect on a web Ph.D. in Criminal Justice.

top criminal justice Ph.D. programs whether you need to pursue management roles inside the subject or start a profession in crook justice education, our crook justice Ph.D. application can come up with the competencies and understanding you want to include interesting new profession opportunities.

In this online program online Ph.D. criminal justice, you’ll discover cutting-edge principles and exercises in addition to countrywide and global troubles withinside the management of crook justice. Taught with the aid of using pro-doctoral-stage college with realistic enjoyment withinside the field, coursework spans subjects consisting of threat elements for crook behavior, management principle, human services, generation and regulation enforcement, hometown security, and public management. Walden’s online criminology Ph.D. program in Criminal Justice offers you the possibility to combine scholarly studies together along with your enjoyment to create powerful answers to real-international problems.

Four academic residencies that support your progress at key points in your doctoral journey. Residencies are designed to enhance both your development as a scholar-practitioner and your ability to effect positive social change.

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Program Details

Curriculum – General Program Specialization

Minimum Degree Requirements

  • Doctoral Writing Assessment
  • Foundation courses (3 cr.)
  • Core courses (20 cr.)
  • Elective courses (15 cr.)
  • Research courses (20 cr.)
  • Completion of Doctoral Dissertation
    •  Dissertation support course (5 cr.)
    • Dissertation writing courses (5 cr. per term for a minimum of four terms; taken continuously until completion)
  • Four Ph.D. residencies

Walden students have up to 8 years to complete their doctoral program unless they petition for an extension.

In general, in criminal justice Ph.D. programs, college students are constantly registered withinside the dissertation/doctoral examination direction till they entire their capstone assignment and it’s miles approved. This typically takes longer than the minimum required phrases withinside the dissertation/doctoral examination direction shell.

Fast Track to Your PhD

For the highly motivated student with discipline and a flexible schedule, Walden offers an expedited path to your doctoral degree. With the Fast Track option, you can complete your Ph.D. in Criminal Justice in a shorter amount of time by taking additional courses per term. Learn more about this exciting option or contact your Enrollment Specialist at 844-937-8785 to see if it’s the right choice for you.




DRAW 8880G
Doctoral Writing Assessment
(0 cr.)


CRJS 8002
Foundations of Doctoral Study
(3 cr.)


CRJS 8350
History and Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice
(5 cr.)
CRJS 8351
Policy and Analysis in Criminal Justice Systems
(5 cr.)
CRJS 8352
Leadership: Putting Theory into Practice in Criminal Justice Administration

Admission Requirements

Completed online utility and transcripts. Please be aware that the substances you’re required to put up can also add a range relying on the educational application to which you apply. More records for worldwide applicants.


Four academic residencies support your progress at key points in your doctoral journey. Residencies also strengthen your scholarly and professional connections.

A Personalized Guide to Completing Your Doctorate

Earning your doctorate requires commitment, perseverance, and hard work. You can do it, and Walden is here to help—with our Doctoral Degree Coach™.

  • Map and track milestones: Break your research down into manageable, sequential steps. See where you are, what’s ahead, and what you’ve already accomplished, all in one place.
  • Meet weekly targets: No more guesswork. Set prompts based on your to-do list and receive reminders and updates directly to your inbox.
  • Connect with faculty: Stay on the same page and keep your progress on track. With shared access to your dashboard, your chair can easily guide you through your checklists, goals, and timelines.
  • Access helpful resources: Quickly find support from the right person at the right time. Our comprehensive resource guide points you in the right direction—no more frustrating searches.

Earn Your Master of Philosophy Degree Along the Way

Walden knows the trials worried with making ready for your doctorate. To symbolize how a way you’ve come on your journey, you may be eligible to be offered a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) diploma upon finishing touch of software requirements, previous to finishing touch of your dissertation.

Walden is one of the universities that provide this superior studies master’s degree. Highlight your instructional success and display to employers and others that you own complete information for your area of study.

Fast-Track Option

Walden offers a Fast-Track Option. Students can complete their doctorate in less time by taking advantage of this path. With the Fast-Track Option, students take additional courses and begin their dissertation early to expedite their path through the program.

These are tiers of what a pupil can count on in phrases of time and training value to finish a diploma. It does now no longer encompass different fees, nor is it adjusted for training will increase over time. Walden school has concluded that usually college students who do now no longer whole their software in 8 years are not likely to finish and handiest permit college students to exceed that point body whilst a pupil petitions for an extension and present right motive for the put-off and assurances that barriers to crowning glory may be overcome. Time has calculated the usage of the time allowed for every semester or unit that the pupil completes. Students are recommended to paintings constantly in the course of this system in order now no longer to increase the time wished to finish the diploma as paintings can emerge as stale and college students lose focus. Students who earn grades of “Unsatisfactory,” who again and again drop a path earlier than a semester or unit has been completed, or are not able to finish withinside the 8 yr time body, need to count on that they’ll be brushed off from this system. Walden believes that it’s miles withinside the excellent hobby of a pupil who’s not able to finish the diploma withinside the said tiers to strongly don’t forget withdrawal or acquiring a lesser diploma.

General Program and Specializations

Choose the path is right for you:

TRACK I: Choose this track if you have a master’s degree in criminal justice or a related field.

TRACK II: Choose this track if you have a master’s degree in a discipline other than criminal justice

General Program

Examine expert theories on the root causes of crime and explore how historical events have affected and shaped the criminal justice system.

Emergency Management

This specialization can prepare you with the skills you need to effectively lead, motivate, and manage others during times of crisis.

Global Leadership

Gain insight into how to lead effectively in the international environment—particularly in developing countries or regions.

Homeland Security Policy and Coordination

Examine how protective measures and policies can be implemented without infringing upon individual rights and freedoms.

Justice Administration

Students pursuing this specialization have the opportunity to study the risk factors associated with criminal behavior as well as how history has shaped the modern criminal justice system.

Law and Public Policy

Through this specialization, students explore how past and present legal decisions influence the creation of public policy.

Online Teaching in Higher Education

Explore the unique attributes of adult learners, teaching and learning theory, trends in higher education, and the key elements of instructional design and delivery.

Public Management and Leadership

Gain leadership and interpersonal skills that can help you be a competent leader, shape public policy, and inspire and motivate your employees.

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