Confucius Institute Scholarship 2023 (Application Process)

Are you interested in pursuing your studies in China? Then we have good news for you. The Confucius institute scholarship is currently ongoing and open to international students. In this article, we will be outlining all the details about the Confucius Institute scholarship, its benefits and each step involved in the application process.

The Confucius Institute Scholarship 2022-2023 is a fully-funded scholarship for international students. This scholarship is offered to study the Chinese language and culture in more than 150 Chinese Universities. This scholarship includes the following; tuition and lodging fees, medical assurance and monthly stipends for personal expenses.

The Confucius Institute Scholarship is quite popular among students from all over the world. Confucius institute is a government entity whose intention is to help in promoting knowledge of the Chinese language and culture throughout the globe.

The Confucius Institute scholarships are offered for some specific doctoral studies, research studies, participation in international conferences, and Chinese language and culture.

Benefits of Confucius Institute Scholarship 2023

The Confucius institute scholarship provides the following benefits to international students; tuition and lodging fees (this will be in the university residence), basic medical insurance and monthly allowance for personal expenses, divided as follows:

  • 2,500 Yuan per month for BTCSOL students or Chinese Language and culture course (this is about 350 USD per month)
  • 3,000 Yuan each month for MTCSOL students (this is equivalent to about 420 USD per month)

Recently, this scholarship scheme has considered its scholarship holders living outside the campus. This implies that the Confucius Institute offers about 700 Yuan per month (in addition to the monthly allowance) to help in supporting rental expenses.

In the case of a scholarship of more than one year, the Confucius institute usually reviews the qualification that is obtained by the beneficiaries annually, demanding outstanding results to renew the total funding for the following year. visit here

If the candidate’s results are not above the average, the Confucius institute will not renew the scholarship or in some cases, offer partial funding (which usually covers all expenses except the monthly allowance for personal expenses)

Depending on the student’s home country, the Confucius scholarship will cover the expenses of the international flight of arrival and departure to/from China.

Categories and Duration of the Confucius Institute Scholarship

There are three categories of the Confucius institute scholarship, and they include:

  • Scholarships for the academic year; are usually a total of 11 months that can begin in September (until July of the next year) or in March (until January of the following year)
  • Scholarship that is meant for an academic semester; the actual duration of this scholarship is 5 months; it can actually be the semester that goes from September through to January or the one that goes from March through to July.
  • Scholarship to study for four weeks; one-month courses are usually taught during the winter holidays in China (this spans from December to January) or during the summer holidays (July through to August).

Scholarships for future teachers of Chinese, there are three modalities to this scholarship, and they include:

  • Scholarship that will help student studying for their Masters in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (MTCSOL), this particular scholarship usually last for 2 academic years.
  • Scholarship for one academic year of Chinese language and culture+ 2 years of MTCSOL; this scholarship in total has about 3 academic courses.
  • The scholarship will help students study Bachelor in Teaching Chinese as a foreign language (BTCSOL); it usually a duration of 4 academic courses

How to Apply for Confucius Institute Scholarship 2023

To apply for the Confucius, please follow the procedures:

  1. Application Deadline: Until the beginning of May (usually day 1) if you want to apply for a scholarship to start in September, and until the beginning of November if you want to start in March.
  2. Delivery of Application: If you are a student of the Confucius institute (ideal to apply for this scholarship). This application must be made online on the official page of the Confucius institute scholarship (you need to make sure that you scan your documents, which will include your passport and a passport-size photo).
  3. Results Date: The final result of the scholarship students can be found on the official page of the Confucius institute scholarship, at the beginning of July (that is if you will be starting at the beginning of September) or at the beginning of January (if you will be starting in March)
  4. Sending Documents to process the visa: The necessary documents that can help in processing the visa are usually sent by the portal mail within 15 minutes after the publication of the results.

Eligibility Requirements

Let us go through the eligibility requirement for this scholarship:

  1. Applicants must not have Chinese nationality and they must be in good health.
  2. Applicants must be between the age of 16 and 35 (the age limit has however been extended up to 45 years, although this is meant for people that are working as Chinese teachers at the time of applying for this scholarship)
  3. It is important to have a degree that is written in the Chinese language (both written and oral HSK, and in some cases, BCT, and in most cases, oral BCT is usually accepted).
  4. A letter of recommendation.

During the online application process, applicants will be required to write a short statement of motivation that details their expectations and the reason they’re applying for the scholarship (this should be a minimum of 300 words).

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