University of Bristol Think Big Scholarship

The University of Bristol Thinks Big Scholarship is currently open to international students that wish to apply for funding towards the cost of their tuition fees. This scholarship will be made available for qualifying courses and will officially begin around September 2022.

This scholarship is meant for international students, and it is valued at 5,000 Euros and 10,000 Euros yearly, and it can only be used for the payment of tuition fees.

The University offers different courses and scholarships are made available for these courses, these scholarships are available to students, and the study will be taking place at the University of Bristol.

Eligibility for the University of Bristol Think Big Scholarships

The eligibility for this scholarship is usually divided into two, one for undergraduates and the other for postgraduates.

For Undergraduates:

To apply for this scholarship, you must meet some requirements and they include the following:

  • Applicant must be an oversea student for fee purposes.
  • Applicant must have already applied to begin a full-time course that excludes courses like; medicine, dentistry, and veterinary sciences at the University of Bristol that will be beginning in September 2022.
  • Applicants must have applied to any of the undergraduate courses at the University of Bristol, with the exception of medical courses.
  • Applicants mustn’t be in receipt of another form of funding that will equate to more than the entire tuition fee that will be provided by this school.

For Postgraduate:

The following criteria must be met for an applicant to be eligible for this scholarship:

  • Applicants must have applied to either a one-year or full-time MSc Program at the University of Bristol
  • Applicants must be prepared to start their MSc program in September 2022
  • Applicant must be classed as an international student for free paying purposes
  • Applicants must not be in receipt of another form of funding that will equate to more than the entire tuition fee that will be provided by this school.
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How to Apply for the University of Bristol Think Big Scholarship

To apply for this scholarship, you have to do that through the international scholarships online application form. More information about this form can be gotten in the school guidance on how to apply for an international scholarship.

The application process is the same process for all the University of Bristol international scholarships; this implies that the terms and conditions are the same. Be sure to go through the terms and conditions before applying.

Note that there is no save function while applying for this scholarship, so you will need to complete the application form in one session. Once you click on the submit button, that will be final and you will not be able to make any more changes.

You will get an email notification confirming that the school has received your application. If you don’t get this notification, be sure to check your spam folder. The information that will be outlined below will help you to prepare.

Personal Details and Application Information

Applicants will need to provide the following:

  • Applicants must provide UCAS (this is if you are an undergraduate student), a student ID card (if you’re pursuing a postgraduate program, or you have applied through the Global Transfer Program), or Kaplan ID (if the applicant is a KCL student).
  • The course or the program that applicants want to study (applicants must have applied for a course or program for them to be eligible for scholarship opportunities).
  • Email address (this is how the scholarship board will communicate to the applicant, so be sure that you provide the right email address).
  • Nationality of the applicants
  • Applicant’s permanent country of residence.
  • Proof of your current or most recent educational institution.
  • Must provide details of other funding that they must have applied for or the ones that they are due to receive.

Application Questions

Applicants are usually asked three questions. The word count for each question doesn’t always exceed 200 Words and each question is worth 10 marks.

These questions differ for both postgraduate and undergraduate applicants. Be sure that you pick out the correct level of study to answer the relevant question for your application, note that, these questions must be answered by the applicants, if not, their application will not be considered.

Assessment Process

Applicants that are successful are usually contacted before the program begins. Successful candidates will be notified shortly after that.

Applicants can submit an application for the Think Big Undergraduate and Postgraduate scholarship using the international scholarship online application form. Applicants that apply for this scholarship are usually considered automatically for any other University of Bristol scholarships that they are eligible for.

This implies that they do not have to submit two separate applications.


Candidates that defer their studies will be unable to defer their scholarships. If you have been awarded a scholarship, you must agree to act as an ambassador for the University of Bristol, and most times, students will be expected to get involved in some promotional activities.

Involvement in these activities doesn’t usually take more than five hours per term. As we have stated earlier, scholarships will be awarded in the form of a tuition fee discount.



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