Swedish Institute Scholarships 2023/24 | Fully Funded

Hello Everyone, The Call for operations for the Swedish Institute Scholarship2023/24 is now open until 16th January 2023. This Education is known as the Sweden mychart Government mahadbt Scholarship. The Sweden icu Government Scholarship 2023 is a Completely Funded Education for transnational scholars in Sweden. The ssp Scholarship is open to read a Full or Part time Master’s Degree Program from Swedish University. You first need to get an admission offer from the Swedish hospitals’ Institute by applying to a Master’s Programme. And after that, you can apply for the Swedish “ Global Professional Jayashree Scholarship ” which is a Completely Funded Education.

For the class of2023/24, the Swedish Institute will grant about 400 completely funded literacy for master’s studies at universities in Sweden. The education is intended for a full-time, one- or two-time master’s program, and is funded by the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

All the Charges of the Scholarship including Tuition freights, Airfare Tickets, Stipend & other charges will be covered by the Swedish Government. Sweden has Internationally Renowned Education System in Europe. However, you can explore some further recently blazoned European literacy in 2023, If not Sweden. The complete details and operation conditions for SI literacy 2023 are available below.

Details About Swedish Institute Fully Funded Scholarship 2023/24

  • Country: Sweden
  • Course Level: Master’s Degree
  • Duration: 1 Year, 2 Years
  • Financial Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: 
    • 16th January 2023 (For Applying to a Master Program)
    • 28th February 2023 (Applying for a Scholarship)

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No of Scholarships

For the academic time2023/24 the Swedish institute will Grant literacy to a large number of master’s programs. An aggregate of 400 literacy will give.

Financial Coverage:

Swedish Institute nsp Scholarship is a Fully Funded Scholarship for international students & will cover the following Expenses given below.

  • Full Tuition Fees are Directly paid to Universities.
  • Regular Payment of SEK 11,000 to cover your Living Expenses throughout the post-matric Scholarship
  • Travel Grant For Airfare Tickets of SEK 15,000 to and from Sweden.
  • Insurance Coverage.
  • Medical Insurance.

Study Fields

About 600 Master’s Programmes are available in Swedish Universities and are Taught in English. The list of the Fileds is given below.

  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry, and Fishery
  • Arts, Design and Media
  • Business Administration and Economics
  • Education/Educational Sciences/Didactics
  • Health and Medical Care
  • Humanities
  • Journalism, Communication, and Information
  • Mathematics
  • Natural Science
  • Religious Studies
  • Social Science and Behavioural Science
  • Social Work and Welfare
  • Technology
  • Veterinary Medicine and Nursing

Eligibility Criteria

  • International Students are eligible outside of EEA.
  • You must have a minimum of 3,000 hours of demonstrated Full or Part Time employment
  • Must be from an Eligible Country.
  • The candidates must be a citizen of the given countries below.

Eligible Countries

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, Cameroon, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, Ethiopia, Gambia, Georgia, Ghana, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, Jordan, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Moldova, Morocco, Myanmar (Burma), Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Russian Federation, Rwanda, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda, Ukraine, Vietnam, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

How to Apply  

There are 5 steps to apply for the SI svmcm Scholarship 2023:

  1. Apply for a master’s program (DATE:17 OCT 2022 – 16 JAN 2023)
  2. Apply for a Global Professionals scholarship (DATE:10 FEB 2023 – 28 FEB 2023)
  3. SI screening and evaluation before admissions (DATE:1 MAR 2023 – 29 MAR 2023)
  4. Notifications from University Admissions (DATE:30 MAR 2023)
    1. Final evaluation and announcement of SI swami Vivekananda scholarship recipients (DATE:31 MAR 2023 – 27 APR 2023)

    You First have to apply for a Master’s program at Sweden university and secure your admission by 16th January 2023. Apply for up to four eligible master’s programs at universityadmissions.se by 16 January 2023.

    Then on 10th February, the SI Global Scholarship will open from the Swedish government which is a Fully Funded Scholarship. So, you can apply for the Swedish Global Scholarship till 28th Feb 2023.

    Then the Screening and evaluation Process will start.

  5. Required Documents

    • Motivation letter
    • CV
    • Letters of reference
    • Valid and completed proof of work and leadership experience
    • Copy of your valid passport


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